Be the Change!

We are a team of innovative, compassionate and determined education professionals with uniquely vast and varied experiences across the education profession – from classroom teachers, to school-, district-, higher education-, state- and corporate-level leaders, to consultants, keynoters, authors, researchers and more.

We enthusiastically invite you to engage in a professional partnership with our ChangeMaker team. Together, we will shape the future of education, achieve pedagogical excellence and best meet the needs of every learner – one teacher, one classroom, one school…at a time!

ChangeMaker is building off the successes of TMI Education and the TMI Professional Learning Consortium!

Founded in 1998, The Madison Institute (d.b.a. TMI Education) has served local-, state- and national-level education organizations all across globe. Throughout our history, TMI has proudly served thousands of school districts, various state departments of education, prominent state-wide education associations and membership and international ministries of education in their collective efforts to further many and varied educational initiatives at the local, state, federal and international level.

TMI Education is extremely proud to partner with its uniquely talented, innovative and educationally devoted Ready Learner One, LLC associates to bring the world ChangeMaker, the “next generation TMI Professional Learning Consortium!” As its strategic partner, Ready Learner One, LLC will only further TMI’s longstanding reputation as a global leader of professional learning, training and consultative services to advance innovative best educational practices.

Our Team

Our team works with your learning community leadership to design, develop and deliver your strategic roadmap for sustained professional development that will propel your organization forward in innovative teaching and learning. We believe in the power of longitudinal relationships in supporting our clients’ future successes.

High Skilled Specialists

While we specialize in emergent educational technology, we also have a team of over 50 high skilled specialists that can provide professional learning and consultative services to advance teaching, learning and leading across all grade levels, content areas and district/school administration.

Changing the Landscape of Professional Learning!

A global community-based approach to innovative best-in-class professional learning for individuals, schools and modern learning organizations.