Stepping into Levels and Genres: Planning for High-Impact Reading Instruction (K-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Understanding the qualities and demands of various text levels and genres supports high-impact instruction for all readers. With this knowledge, we can prioritize and plan for the most impactful lessons across our days, weeks and units. Explore the "what" of our teaching within reading and various methods of instructional delivery to match readers and their next steps.


Rethinking Revision: Inviting Writers to Revise From Seed to Publication (3-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) A traditional view of the writing process has many of us inviting students to revise after drafting. At that point, we share that authors revisit their work with new eyes, making the changes that will bring their true message to light. Yet, when students pick up their pens to do this work, we see that many change a word or two and then exclaim, "I done." This version of "re-seeing" is not really what we had in mind.

Maintaining Connection, Community, and Joy in the Age of Covid-19 (K-6)

As remote or socially-distanced teaching (or a hybrid of both) remains our new normal, how can teachers tailor literacy curriculum to help students make sense of their emotional responses to the pandemic, develop community with each other, and find joy and meaning in their schoolwork as this unprecedented year draws to a close? This workshop...

Would I Lie to You?: Navigating Reading, Writing, and Research in the Fake News Era, 6-12

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Finding, reading, and referencing, quality sources has been a challenge for students for time immemorial, but this task has perhaps never been as daunting as it is today, with a predatory economy of "fake news" websites leaping to the top of search results, contradictory messages being spread on social media by "bots" and "trolls", and an increasingly conflict-avoidant student population wary of being called-out for sharing inconvenient information.


Establishing an Empowering School Culture for All

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) Peter Drucker confirmed that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Or, in other words, programs don’t improve schools – people do.

We are not saying that strategy is unimportant – rather that a powerful and empowering culture is a surer route to aligning the core beliefs, behaviors and shared values that determine a school’s success than your detailed five year plan.


Educational Equity: The Skills We Need NOW (No Cost for TMI PLC Members)

Educational equity implies that every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education despite race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, disability, family background, or family income. Currently, many are coming to terms with the realization that our current and historical place of power, privilege, oppression,...

An Introduction to…Keeping the Brain in Mind! Effective Strategies for Excellent Instruction (No Cost for TMI PLC Members)

Great teachers know not only what to do in the classroom, but why it works. This workshop will use brain-friendly, research-based learning to help you improve your instruction in the key areas of: The Learning Environment, Knowing Your Students, Planning Instruction, Delivering Instruction, and Assessment. Included in the workshop are brain basics, a model to understand student learning, strategies that increase...

Reality Bytes! Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Classroom

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) Virtual and augmented reality is a trending topic, but how does it fit education? New uses for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are popping up by the day! During this session, we will explore an AR/VR framework for teaching and learning as well as share how educators can leverage these technologies to enhance the types of learning opportunities for all students.


School Security 101 (No Cost for TMI PLC Members)

An Offering of the 2020-2021 TMI/LEGAL ONE School Law Series (Session 1) NEW AND EXCITING TMI/LEGAL ONE PROGRAM! This session will provide a one-stop shopping approach to reviewing school security requirements that must be addressed at this difficult time. Participants will learn about the most effective strategies for implementing sound security practices while adhering to COVID-19...

Technology Access and Students with Disabilities

Technology Access and Students with Disabilities A New TMI Education/LEGAL ONE Program! Technology is a part of everything we do today. This is especially true with respect to education, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools have been operated virtually and utilizing hybrid delivery modalities. Issues with respect to accessing and utilizing technology are especially...

ChangeMaker 2021 EDU Virtual Conference: Celebrating Teacher Innovation, Resilience and Compassion in Unprecedented Times


IMPORTANT: It's not too late! Registration for the ChangeMaker 2021 EDU Virtual Conference will continue throughout the two-week period. Registrations will be processed twice each day. Account information to access the ChangeMaker 2021 EDU platform will be distributed to new registrants at or about 9am and 9pm EST. IMPORTANT: The presenters shown in the image...

How to Build from Student Strengths When Planning for a New Year – September 14, 2021; 12pm-3pm (EDT)

How to Build from Student Strengths When Planning for a New Year - September 14, 2021; 12pm-3pm (EDT) When we build from students’ strengths as the foundation for new learning, students are more confident and willing to take learning risks. We’ll share processes for getting to know students’ strengths and affinities, and incorporate them into...