Big Potential: Reading, Writing and Researching in Clubs (3-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC OR LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Researching is about WAY more than learning, paraphrasing, and organizing facts. Classroom research has truly big potential! Through collaborative research, we ignite the energy and excitement necessary for next-level learning. In this session, we will discuss using inquiry to spark interest, how to form groups using student-generated guiding questions, and ways to foster independence and accountability as clubs embark on their own research projects.


Fueling the Most Important Feedback Loop Using Self-Regulated Learning Strategies

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) Educators are tasked with the responsibility of supporting all students' academic achievements; however, many students are not motivated by academic challenges. How do educators overcome these challenges? Research on self-regulated learning strategies demonstrates students' abilities to overcome a variety of academic challenges before, during, and after a learning event.


No-brAIner: AI in the Classroom

(NO COST TO TMI PLC MEMBERS) What is AI? It sounds other-worldly, futuristic... and a bit scary. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computing science focused on the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI learns through the data we generate in our real-time efforts and many AI products impact and improve our daily lives.


Less is More: How One Text Invites TONS of Teaching & Learning (K-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Teachers often wonder about and search for the latest and greatest texts. We ponder which texts to share with students and use in instruction. However, finding, planning, and using a separate text for each subject or lesson can be exhausting- and unintentionally result in instruction that feels disconnected.


Empathy and Equity: Creating Equitable Classrooms Through Harkness Protocols

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) As educators, we can create more equitable classrooms by developing lessons and curricula that ask our students to discuss difficult issues, examine peers' ideas, and expand their empathy both within the classroom and globally. This session will prepare educators to design and lead classrooms that engage in Harkness-style dialogues that promote empathy and equity. This session is geared towards those within the humanities, but we welcome all!


Leading Adult SEL

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) CASEL’s research is clear. Schools are more effective at teaching and reinforcing SEL for students when they also cultivate SEL competencies in adults. This calls on schools to focus on adults’ professional growth as educators as well as their own social and emotional learning (Jones et al., 2018).


Stepping into Levels and Genres: Planning for High-Impact Reading Instruction (K-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Understanding the qualities and demands of various text levels and genres supports high-impact instruction for all readers. With this knowledge, we can prioritize and plan for the most impactful lessons across our days, weeks and units. Explore the "what" of our teaching within reading and various methods of instructional delivery to match readers and their next steps.


Rethinking Revision: Inviting Writers to Revise From Seed to Publication (3-8)

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) A traditional view of the writing process has many of us inviting students to revise after drafting. At that point, we share that authors revisit their work with new eyes, making the changes that will bring their true message to light. Yet, when students pick up their pens to do this work, we see that many change a word or two and then exclaim, "I done." This version of "re-seeing" is not really what we had in mind.

Maintaining Connection, Community, and Joy in the Age of Covid-19 (K-6)

As remote or socially-distanced teaching (or a hybrid of both) remains our new normal, how can teachers tailor literacy curriculum to help students make sense of their emotional responses to the pandemic, develop community with each other, and find joy and meaning in their schoolwork as this unprecedented year draws to a close? This workshop...

Would I Lie to You?: Navigating Reading, Writing, and Research in the Fake News Era, 6-12

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC AND LITERACY ALLIANCE MEMBERS) Finding, reading, and referencing, quality sources has been a challenge for students for time immemorial, but this task has perhaps never been as daunting as it is today, with a predatory economy of "fake news" websites leaping to the top of search results, contradictory messages being spread on social media by "bots" and "trolls", and an increasingly conflict-avoidant student population wary of being called-out for sharing inconvenient information.


Establishing an Empowering School Culture for All

(NO COST FOR TMI PLC MEMBERS) Peter Drucker confirmed that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Or, in other words, programs don’t improve schools – people do.

We are not saying that strategy is unimportant – rather that a powerful and empowering culture is a surer route to aligning the core beliefs, behaviors and shared values that determine a school’s success than your detailed five year plan.