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ChangeMaker ANYTIME and i2e OnDemand…perfect together!

Experience and conveniently access each of the i2e OnDemand  course offerings – anytime, anywhere and at your own pace – through the  i2e OnDemand Subscription discounted rate of only $49.99!

In partnership, ChangeMaker ANYTIME and i2e OnDemand bring you the following course offerings:

ABCs of Accessibility

Accessibility is for everyone. This course is specifically designed for teachers, families, guardians of students with differing needs. The six (6) course modules will cover the foundations of special education and dive deep into the tools and strategies to meet the needs of all students using the built-in tools and apps in Office 365, Windows 10, and beyond. You will learn from contemporary practitioners that are current in the field.

The ABCs of Accessibility will include the following six modules:

  1. Foundations of Accessibility and Special Education
  2. Going Deep Into the Impact of Immersive Reader and Learning Tools
  3. OneNote in Special Education
  4. Accessibility Tools and Hacks in the Office Apps
  5. Using Other Tools and Apps: Windows 10 and Beyond
  6. Transitions Supporting Students for What is Next

Hybrid & Blended Learning Classroom Wins

More than ever, educators everywhere are using technology to engage students both at home and in school. What are the successes teachers can replicate no matter the class environment? Learn from educators from across all different types of learning environments as they showcase their successes in integrating digital tools and share their own hybrid and blended learning classroom wins!

Hybrid & Blended Learning Classroom Wins includes the following six modules:

  1. Digital Citizenship in Action: Using Tech for Good 
  2. Beedle: A Microsoft Teams Teacher Companion
  3. Top 10 Blended Tips for the InterACTIVE Class
  4. Fostering Connectedness and SEL
  5. You CAN CAN CAN with Canva Classroom
  6. Flipgrid to Foster Peer-to-Peer Learning

Clubs to Curriculum: Learning with Minecraft 101

Clubs to Curriculum: Learning with Minecraft 101 provides you a full-course solution to get you started, move forward and make a difference using Minecraft: Education Edition!

This engaging, informative and practical professional learning experience includes the following nine (9) modules:

  1. Starting a Student Club
  2. Standards Alignment and Content Integration
  3. Differentiation and Coding Instruction in Minecraft
  4. Including All Kids in Play
  5. Game-Based Discovery Outside the Traditional Classroom
  6. Panel: Managing Students and Collaborative Experiences
  7. Build an Esports Program
  8. Teaching Game Design and Minecraft
  9. Build a Student Ambassador Program

About insight2execution!

ChangeMaker, LLC is extremely proud to introduce its partner organization, insight2execution (i2e, LLC),  an award-winning strategic marketing and education consultancy that helps individuals and organizations connect their product or service to their target audience with impact. Our i2e colleagues comprise a team of education thought leaders who are passionate about bringing technology into teaching and learning the right way – where the focus is on learning, and the technology merely enables richer, more engaging scenarios. Their team of strategists, supported by their growing group of professional learning specialists, have all spent years in classrooms and now work with teachers to help make a greater impact as districts transition to an always-on learning, cloud-enabled, mobile environment.

The i2e team works extensively with Microsoft on strategic planning, content development, training development, and education consultancy for the educational audience, IT Professionals, and enterprise customers. Additionally, i2e specializes in supporting K-12 school districts in developing instructional design plans for educational technology initiatives.


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