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Visionary, Passionate and Committed Leaders in the Field!

In my sixteen years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and consultant, I have yet to find an organization as committed to the vision of progressive education as my colleagues at The Madison Institute.¬† ¬†I have had the privilege to work closely with Dr. Chinni as a consultant, presenter and contributor and can personally attest to the passion and research that goes into each and every one of their professional development offerings. ¬†Participating in one of their programs provides educators with a laser-like focus on what’s essential in preparing our students for this increasingly interconnected world
Richard Panicucci
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Adjunct Professor

Practical, Authentic, Engaging…the Pinnacle of Professional Development!

In my career, I have had the good fortune of working with many outstanding individuals and organizations. Dr. Brian P. Chinni and The Madison Institute stand at the front of that list. Dr. Chinni is a remarkable educator who knows and understands teachers, students, and high quality professional development. Dr. Chinni’s professionalism is the guiding principle behind TMI’s success. TMI offers real-life practical seminars and workshops that capture teachers’ attention and provide them with information, strategies, and materials that can be immediately utilized in classrooms. The TMI workshops are interactive. Teachers and administrators appreciate the fact that their thoughts and ideas are valued. No two workshops are ever alike. Rather, great time, effort, and energy are put into developing programs that meet the needs of the audience. In the realm of professional development, The Madison Institute stands as the pinnacle.
Dr. Paul Semendinger
Elementary School Princicpal

Wow! What a Powerful Seminar!

Wow! What a powerful seminar. The Reading Brain is the most rewarding seminar I have attended in years. The Madison Institute has proven once again its expertise in how to solve learning challenges and show teachers practical applications. I can’t wait for the next seminar.
Middle School ELA/Reading Teacher
Montvale (NJ) Public Schools


The presenter was excellent. He possesses a wealth of information about the subject matter. The [multimedia] presentation was very helpful because it amplified the information included in the workbook that was distributed. The quality of the information in the workbook was far superior to information that I’ve received when I attended other workshops. In addition, I enjoyed the small group and memory activities.
High School Teacher
Alexandria (VA) Public Schools

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